Do You Need To Have Your Landscaping and Trees Wrapped With Christmas Lights?

We Wrap Trees With Christmas Lighting

As you can see how dramatic a tree wrapped with Christmas Lights can look.

If you want to go that extra distance after having Christmas Lights hung on your home talk with us about wrapping the trees on your property. We can also create faux trees out of lights.

Festive Landscape Christmas Lighting

You can't help but get into the Christmas Spirit when you come home to a house that is as well lit as this with all the landscape and hedge lighting.

The details can make a huge difference on the appearance and wow-factor that you house will have this Christmas. One way to add flare is to light all the shrubs, bushes, topiaries, and landscape structures. Also consider lighting your driveways, sidewalks, and walkways.

Nothing Says Christmas Than a Forest of Lit Christmas Trees

Give us a call or fill out the form on this page and we can give you a free estimate for hanging lights on your home or business and wrapping your trees, bushes, and laying ground lighting.

While you may not have but a few trees you too can enhance the dramatic appearance to your Christmas Lighting project. Each tree is covered with thousands of 5mm mini-lights in a number of colors. If you have an Oak Tree, Palm Tree, Pine Tree, shrubs or any other foliage you want covered we can do that for you.

DIY Christmas Light Installation and Wrapping Trees

Wrapping Trees and Porch Columns can take a lot of lighting.

If you do decide to wrap your own trees with Christmas Lights there are a few factors to consider. The first thing is that it takes a lot of lights to cover a tree. The other thing is that if you are not comfortable on a ladder or climbing in a tree it could be a very dangerous activity for you. Many hundreds of people are hurt and even killed while hanging Christmas Lights on their homes each year. Wrapping lights around a tree can much more difficult due to not having a flat surface to lean a ladder on, soft ground, and having to be in the tree itself.

Method of wrapping a tree with Christmas Lights

The best way to wrap a tree with lights is to use small mini-lights. You can also use net-lighting on the trunk. Typically you are looking to achieve a 3"-6" spacing of lights for full coverage. With the mini-lights you can ball them up in one hand and just secure one end and just keep going around the tree trunk and branches until you have full coverage. When wrapping the lights start at the bottom and while going around the tree be sure to make the wraps fairly tight so the lights hold their position. Having a good supply of nylon zip ties can come in handy to hold the string of Christmas lights in place in key spots. To avoid damage during high winds try to avoid jumping between branches at the tips. Wrap the lighting back down to the main tree trunk and then back up the next limb. Consult with the lighting manufacture to determine the power requirements you will need. You will use a good length of lighting to do a single tree. It can be tough trying to calculate how much lighting you will need but with some simple math you should be able to figure it out.

If you decide this is a project that you are not comfortable with be sure to ask one of our installers to give you a quote on your ground lighting, tree lighting, and shrub lighting.