Merry Christmas - Take A Labor Vacation and Have Us Hang Your Christmas Lights

Outline Your House in Light

Outlining The Roof Line of a Building is The Most Popular Place to Hang Christmas Lighting.

In the Pearland area it is most popular to have the roofs edge line lighted. It is typical to use plastic gutter clips to attach LED Christmas Lights, if no gutters are present these clip also attach to shingles or metal roof edges. After the roof line is lighted window are next most popular followed by columns and adding lighted Christmas Wreaths.

Hanging Ground Cover Christmas Lights.

Christmas Lights Hung on Bushes, Hedges, and around walkways.
The details of any project is what really sets it apart from others.

For a classical lighting display go the extra effort and have us install ground and landscape lighting. We can even wrap your trees with lighting. If you have bushes, shrubs, and planting areas these are great areas to add some accent lighting. We look forward to giving you a FREE estimate for hanging the Christmas Lights at your home or business.

Decorations For The Outside of Your Home or Business

When decorating the outside of your home or business there are many add-on options available.

The number one request as an exterior decoration is to hang Christmas Wreaths on the front doors and gable of the house. We rent wreaths from 24" in diameter up to 96" or eight foot in diameter. Ask us if we have any available they go quickly. Another very popular lighted element for your yard or exterior of your home is lighted snowflakes. Other ideas include lighted topiary animals, tree of lights, and light balls. Not to be confused with a tree of lights we can wrap your trees such as pine trees, oak trees, and palm trees with mini-lights for a dramatic effect.

Why Should You Hire a Professional To Hang Your Christmas Lights?

Any time you work from a ladder you are putting yourself at a high level of risk. Skill and regular experience working from a ladder is needed to safely work at the roof level of your Pearland home. More American get hurt or killed cleaning windows, cleaning gutters, and hanging Christmas Lights than any other home maintenance activity. Please if you are not physically strong and have experience on a ladder then give us a call to help you this holiday.

Light Colors and Designs

House in Santa Fe Texas with blue C9 LED and warm-white C9 LED lighting (on FM 646).

Christmas Light bulbs come in a number of colors. The most popular and most available colors are Clear, Cool-White, Warm-White, Blue, Green, and Red. Other colors are available but usually need to be special ordered in advance of your installation. Other colors include: Amber/Orange, Yellow/Gold, Purple, Pink, and Teal. There are also specialty lights with varying shapes, textures, and functionality. There are some LED light bulbs that actually change colors.