Professional Christmas Light Installation Service

We will install your Christmas Lights

House with roof, balconies, gutters walkways and yard art all decorated with Christmas Lights in Pearland Texas.
We can do a complete installation of Christmas Lights on your home in Pearland.

Many people already have Christmas Lights that are in good condition from years past and just need someone to put them up. We can assist by providing the skilled labor to put your Christmas Lights up for you. We just ask that you un-tangle and test your lights before you call us out. You will also be required to supply the light clips, extension cords, and timers. If you do not have all the accessories, we usually keep a small inventory on hand, but since we do a lot of installs we always suggest that you have them available.

We Rent Lights If You Don't Have Any

When you are looking for a turn-key solution for having your Christmas Lights hung this year give us a call for all-inclusive price estimate.
Get a FREE estimate on our Turn-Key Christmas Lighting decoration service in Pearland, TX.

This Christmas holiday season let us decorate your home with lighting, yard decoration, and wrap your trees. If you like the idea of making a single phone call and all the details of putting lights up on your home for Christmas will be taken care of our turn-key service is for you. We will provide all the lighting, timers, extension cords, light hangers and anything else needed to put lights up on your home in Pearland. We can also help with any yard decoration you may have.

Exterior Christmas Decorations

Talk with us about exterior decoration for your home this Christmas season.

In addition to having Christmas Lights put up on your home ask about decorative accents such as Christmas Wreaths, Lighted Stars, Lasers, and Net Lighting for bushes and hedges. We rent decoration so you can enjoy the beauty of an 96" wreath with out the $1000 price tag. We have wreaths and lighted stars of all sizes to meet your needs. We don't sell or rent yard decorations but if you have your own we will put them up and light them for you.

LED C7 & C9 Christmas Lighting

LED light technology has made it more economical to use larger Christmas Light Bulbs such as the C7's and C9's. These new LED Bulbs use less energy and in addition one can string more strands together making installs easier and at less cost to the consumer.

There are two basic types of Christmas Lights that you will see. The first is inexpensive string sets. With these you can typically find at Walmart®, Lowes®, and Home Depot®. The second type is the empty socket & retrofit bulbs. This type is of better quality, more versatile, and can be cut to exact lengths. Empty socket light line is what professional Christmas Light installers use. Installation with this type of Christmas Lighting is crisper looking because of the ability to custom cut lighting to exact lengths. In addition, the socket type lighting allows for custom lighting patterns.

The LED Christmas Lights not only use less electricity but are also cool to the touch. These new LED Christmas Lights are far safer for you and your family than older conventional incandescent Christmas Lighting.

Wrapping Trees With Christmas Lights

Wrapping trees with mini-lights can look fantastic.

Wrapping trees with small mini Christmas Lights are a beautiful addition to any exterior Christmas Lighting decoration project. Wrapping a tree can take up to 300' to 400' of lights and can also be labor intensive. This is why most people ask a professional to wrap trees. If you decide to wrap your own tree please take all safety precautions. If you are not sure about your ability please call us and we can light your trees for you.